Creative Plastering Inc. would like to help you with all your lathing, stucco and plastering needs. We have been in business since 1985 in Tulare CA, and continue to work here and In the surrounding areas of California.

We specialize in the Art and Science of hand plastering. We would like you to experience the beauty and elegance of a authentic lime plaster finish on the interior or exterior of you home or office.

We also provide a variety of exterior finishes like dash, texturing, mission finish, semi smooth finish, intichino, European lime putty finish, old world finish, acrylic and clay finishes. We also specialize in exterior architectural design moldings and columns. For your interior needs we have thin wall, venetian italian plaster, intonchino, lime putty and interior clay finishes.

Call us today 559 688 3806 or by email and let us get started making your home a showplace.